Long meyer - Janitor / Handyman
Long is our janitor and a caretaker he is a professional who takes care and maintaining all our buildings and accommodation. Longs primary responsibility is to keep our gym up to date. Long has been a member of the Cong carter team since the beginning. He previously worked as a builder and drywall installer for many years. He is an expert at job site protection, powerwashing, paint preparation, compounding, building, fixing and painting. Long enjoys each part of his day because he enjoys working for Cong carter. He even does construction at his free time!
Thassaneeya Jongsungnern - Manager / owner
Tug has more than 15 years experience in the muay thai sector. She has responsibility for the successful delivery of all of our programmes on site. Tug has developed stringent processes and procedures to enable the Gym to expand its range of services and areas of work, whilst maintaining a reputation second to none for the quality of muay thai training delivered, and the class leading levels of Customer satisfaction the Gym achieves.
Thomas Rud Jensen - Manager / Chef
Chef Thomas received his formal training at the Danish Culinary Institute and began his professional career as the Sous Chef at well know Danish restaurant. Chef Thomas continues to expand his more than 10 years of knowledge of new and innovative techniques through various stag├ęs in well-known restaurants. Most recently, Chef Thomas worked alongside Chefs in one of the finest restaurants in Denmark.