The social system in Thailand does not ensure the citizens of Thailand a minimal income or schooling. A consequence of this is that a great number of children have an upbringing without proper nutrition and education.  To remedy this problem families in Thailand try to enlist their children in a Muay Thai Academy.  The reason is that when a child is enlisted in such an academy they are guaranteed food every day, education in a local school and Muay Thai training. The solution therefor guarantees payoff in both the short run and the long run. In the short run the child has three main needs of life guaranteed: food, shelter, and social relations, and in the long run the child has to ways of supporting his/her own quality of life: either through Thai boxing, or through education. The academies therefore have a strong resembles to the soccer academies seen in Europe.

For the moment CongCarter has four Muay Thai students but would like to have more. Unfortunately the cost of having an additional student is too high for this to be a possibility. Costs associated with a student will be in the range of 40 – 80 euro and will cover education, food, shelter and payment of the Muay Thai instructors. Since CongCarter has all the facilities and connections to increase the number of students, we therefore offer the possibility of sponsorships. The sponsorship will be paid by you.
A sponsorship will secure another child the possibility of a good and secure upbringing and maybe a prosperous future through work or Thai boxing. The range of the sponsorship will be around 40 – 80 euro, depending on the quality of school the child will be sent to. We stress that the amount of food and training will not differ between the students, only the quality and amount of education. CongCarter can unfortunately not offer its own schooling facilities and are therefore dependent of the local schools.
A sponsorship should be seen as your way of helping a child to strive to become better, and to get an improved quality of life. Note that this solution in addition to helping the individual helps the entire family. It is normal for the child to send earnings to the rest of the family, so in that respect your donations will help an entire family.
When you become a sponsor you will of course receive letters, pictures and videos from the daily life of the child you are sponsoring. The child will also be made aware who is sponsoring him/her and will be training and fighting with your name on his shorts. Of course, if you have other suggestions or wishes we will be happy to hear and oblige.