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More info will come soon!


Respected female fighter

Pen is 28 years old and from Buriram. She is a very good trainer and especially good for training women. She speaks very good English and have a good technique, so she can explain it very well. She have been fighting in both Thailand and England.


The Doctor from Thailand

Nick is from Denmark. He is a very good trainer, who teach basic training and have trained fighters from the whole world. His specialty is clinch, knees and front kicks. He was the Hua Hin champion in 2008 and the Danish champion in 2014. Furthermore he is ranked number 8 in IFMA world championship. He has learned his muay thai from Pai Prakso, Thongchai kan, Yuttajak Keawsamtit and Dam Hua Hin. We are very happy to have Nick on the Cong Carter team. Book a training session with Nick and you are sure to learn a lot.


best bangkok camps

Hin originates from buriam and is a Thai boxing legend from the superbness days of Muay Thai. And started fighting when he was 7 years old, fighting at lumpinee stadium first time when he was 14 year, good kick and wonderfull punch He carries inconceivable experience to the crew after a lifetime of Muay Thai preparing. hin had over 80 Fights and was known for his knockout capability that left a number of the best contenders in Thailand dreaming on the floor. hin is best portrayed as strongly built… and he cherishes to fight and clinching with the more encountered Muay Thai learners.



Gai hails from a long line of some of the best Muay Thai boxers in Thailand. Gai started Muay Thai preparing at the age of 8 beginning his expert vocation in Esaan. He later made a trip to Bangkok where he battled at the top level for quite some time. His Muay Thai classes include demonstrating people a portion of the best Muay Thai traps (counting some incredible elbow methods). Gai is an extravagant all rounder on the cushions and furnishes a percentage of the best Muay Thai training In Thailand.

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