Professional Muay Thai fighters from around the kingdom. You don’t need to be a Muay Thai expert to train thai boxing with us. You may be thinking about losing weight, use Muay Thai as self-defense out to improve your stamina or you might want to have a active holiday in paradise. Our students who come to us receives 1 on 1 muay thai boxing instruction and here you won’t be lost in a crowd and you will get all the Thai boxing you can handle! If you want to try to fight a real fight in Thailand our in other contries, our top trainers can help you perfectize  Muay Thai techniques before entering the ring! The trainers/staff exceed at pre-fight training so don’t miss this great chance to benefit from their expertise.

Learn Muay Thai boxing in Thailand with real professionels and you will be well taken care of the minut you arrive at the muay thai gym. We can arrange brillant Muay Thai packages thats include accommodation and motorbike rental. Everbody is welcome to enjoy the tasty meals provided after your Thai boxing training, we are a real family at the camp and will make sure that your visit to Hua Hin is gonna be your best holiday ever!. On our Muay Thai training camp our Thai boxing students are pushed to the limit to achieve their goal in the ring.

The Cong Carter Muay Thai Resort traning camp is a legitimate Thai boxing experience where you can Learn Muay Thai boxing, its located in a  beautiful area within the mountains connected with Thailand. Study classic Muay Thai methods inside our ‘Mountain’ muay thai fitness center. Our Thai boxing camp delivers fantastic real Muay Thai boxing coaching to professional fighters, Thai boxing fans & travelers coming to Thailand. Our Thai boxing college offers intensive coaching even though retaining the open up and also friendly environment. Furthermore, everybody which sessions our muay thai boxing  fitness center could train together.. Our trainers are usually truly fervent regarding Thai boxing coaching and it our own intent to share legitimate Thai boxing boxing methods.

The particular Muay Thai instruction proposed by Cong Carter Muay Thai Resort matches just about all degrees of Thai boxing students- 1st timer visiting by means of Thailand as well as master Muay Thai mma star, male or female, youthful along with older. Your Muay Thai camping in Thailand is perfect for individuals seeking an regular Muay Thai instruction practical knowledge within the enjoyable setting.

Each and every instruction is unique; every coach has their unique instruction approaches.

The training course starts with jogging, or skipping piece of string moving.

After that you will: warm-up, darkness boxing, carrier operate, pad operate, belt operate,

clinch approaches, sparring, physical workout routines, and definately will finish working out with stretching.